Unemployed man recovers winning ticket

Unemployed man recovers winning ticket after a day of forgetting them

If you forgot your ticket somewhere go back to them, they may be awarded The lucky one, an unemployed Phillipsburg, said he is buying a van, a new car for his mother and that he will enjoy a vacation with his whole family. A man named Mike Weirsky forgot five Mega Millions lottery tickets that […]

MMA fighter makes spectacular moves during fight

The spectacular ninja style moves of Brazilian ‘Demoledor’ impress MMA fans Michel Pereira unveiled a catalog of jumps and kicks flying to knock out South Korean Dae Sung Kim on the night of Road FC 52 held in Seoul on Saturday.   Saturday, Brazilian fighter Michel Pereira once again impressed the martial arts world mixed […]


Australian reptile travels in the shoe of a British tourist

Australian snake travels almost 15,000 miles in the shoe of a British tourist The woman found the reptile as she unpacked her suitcase after returning from Australia.   A British tourist unknowingly hauled a snake from Australia to Scotland, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).     According to the network, Moira Boxall discovered last […]

Man with knife on your back walking out of hospital

Patient with a knife behind his back leaves a hospital because he wants to smoke After ignoring the multiple indications of the center’s staff, he only reconsidered when one of the doctors told him he was about to die. workers at a hospital in Zelenodolsk (Tatarstan, Russia) lived a bizarre situation this February 25 when […]

lion ruins the hunting of the lioness

Moment in which lion ruins the hunting of the lioness

They capture the exact moment when a lion gets in the way of a lioness and spoils the hunt The images were recorded by a tourist who visited a nature reserve. The video of a tourist visiting the Kruger National Park in South Africa shows the exact moment when a lion spoils the hunting of […]