Black Cat Turns Completely White Look At The Photos

An incredible series of images shows how a black cat turns completely white

From the German city of Heidelberg, a cat lover shared the case of one of his pets, a cat she adopted with completely black fur and which, in only two years, had a completely different appearance due to a disease that, fortunately, does not put your health at risk.

black cat turns completely white

Nicole Böhm told the Dodo portal, dedicated to animals, that in 2016 found two cats on a farm and decided to give them shelter. He did not imagine then that one of his new pets – which was named Elli – suffered vitiligo, a rare disease that affects the pigmentation of the skin and, in this case, the fur.

Now look at the photos of  black cat turns completely white

Approximately one year after his birth, the color of the cat’s fur began to change little by little. 

At first, Böhm noticed “a small white spot on the back”. 

A veterinarian diagnosed that it was vitiligo and tranqulizó to the owner: although it alters the pigmentation of the skin and the hair, it is a disease without other consequences, so that your pet stays and is totally healthy. 

Böhm decided to publish in a special account on the Instagram successive images of the progress of the disease.

So while in the first pictures you can see a black cat with white legs and a couple of small whitish areas near the nose and chest, in the last images Elli appears almost completely white with only small black areas on her face

“Her change continues every day and I love her more and more,” Böhm said.


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