MMA fighter makes spectacular moves during fight

The spectacular ninja style moves of Brazilian ‘Demoledor’ impress MMA fans

Michel Pereira unveiled a catalog of jumps and kicks flying to knock out South Korean Dae Sung Kim on the night of Road FC 52 held in Seoul on Saturday.
Saturday, Brazilian fighter Michel Pereira once again impressed the martial arts world mixed with his demonstration of acrobatic moves against South Korean Kim Dae Sung during the night Road FC 52, held in Seoul, South Korea.
MMA fighter makes spectacular moves
Pereira 25, took the fight to another level and managed to knock out his opponent with his unique attack techniques: somersaults, flying kicks and knee punches made Dae Sung fall several times to the screen and with getting more fans among fans of this sport.


With this victory, the Brazilian, dubbed ‘Demolidor’, gets a record of 22-9.


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