Unemployed man recovers winning ticket

Unemployed man recovers winning ticket after a day of forgetting them

If you forgot your ticket somewhere go back to them, they may be awarded

The lucky one, an unemployed Phillipsburg, said he is buying a van, a new car for his mother and that he will enjoy a vacation with his whole family.

A man named Mike Weirsky forgot five Mega Millions lottery tickets that he had just bought at a store in Phillipsburg (New Jersey, USA), he returned for them a day later, he recovered them and one of the coupons was awarded with 273 million dollars, as explained on Thursday, collect local media.

Weirsky, who is from the locality of Alpha, from the same state, says that after buying the tickets he took a moment to save the money, then looked at his cell phone and left the store without them.

Luckily, a man saw that he had left them and gave them to one of the vendors in the store, who kept them in case the man returned.

The next day, Weirsky returned to the lottery stand and two days later became a millionaire.

Weirsky explained that he was not going through a good economic time.

After living in a mobile home with his wife, of whom he recently divorced, he currently lives with his mother. Besides, he had been unemployed for a long time.

What unemployed man recovers ticket will go with the money?

Unemployed man The lucky one confessed that the first thing he will do with the prize money is to buy a van. He also intends to buy a new car for his mother and enjoy a vacation with his family.

While some family and friends have suggested to him to invest in business, he, for the moment, only wants to find the stranger who kept his tickets, to thank him for his kind gesture.


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